About Us

SHEQ Academy by SHEQ Solutions Africa (SSA) is the next step in education and training aimed specifically and Health and Safety Professionals. Using cutting edge information technology, world class subject matter experts and the latest trends in on-line and mobile learning we aim to bring the best possible experience to any person enrolled in one of our courses.


Facilitation of the various courses is done either as self-study via the SHEQ Academy Virtual Campus, or as a blended learning approach with face-to-face training supported by course materials made available, and assessments administered though, the SHEQ Academy Virtual Campus. Learner records, Portfolios of Evidence and Certificates will be securely stored off-site and will be accessible through the SHEQ Academy Virtual Campus system. These records are linked to learner-specific QR codes, linking the learner ID, photograph and attained qualifications, thereby reducing the chances of fraudulent qualifications entering the market. Each printed certificate also contains this unique QR code to enable prospective employers to easily verify qualifications.


All our SHE Consultants have been accredited by HWSeta to offer these qualifications under accreditation number HW591PA165711. DB Training and SHE Consultants entered into a service level agreement with SSA SHEQ Solutions Africa to facilitate these qualifications while the assessment and moderation functions for the National Certificates are retained in DB Training and SHE Consultants for quality assurance purposes.
DB Training and SHE consultants are in the process of extending scope to offer the level 4 FET qualification and until that is realised the level 3 SHEQO course does not carry credits on the NQF but all the expected outcomes are covered and may under certain circumstances retrospectively be awarded with the permission of HWSeta once extension of scope has happened.

Future View

SHEQAcademy will soon offer auditor and auditor team lead training on several ISO standards through our SADC franchise agreement with GCerti, Seoul, South Korea. This includes ISO 9001, 14001, 22000, 27000,13485 and 22301 as well as OHSAS18001. With regards to OHSAS 18001, because of its expected 2017 release, our courseware includes FDIS ISO 45001 content as well as guidance to migrate between these two standards when 45001 becomes available as a true standard that can be implemented and certified. These courses are Exemplar / RABQSA accredited and the certificates are valid globally. Contact SHEQAcademy on principal@sheqacademy.co.za for more information.

Contact Sessions

The direct contact sessions will be in the form of lectures, workshops, seminars and webinars while the practical work is based on group and individual projects. Direct contact sessions will generally be facilitated from our premises close to the Pretoria CBD and Steve Biko Hospital. DB Training and SHE Consultants may opt to offer single unit standards from their own premises for inclusion into the full qualifications. Companies who opt to enter into a learnership agreement may also opt to have the contact sessions on their own premises with only the addition expense of covering travel and accommodation costs of the facilitator, which may be a less costly option than to send all the learners away to our venue. Vertical articulation between the national certificates are defined in the SAQA Unit Standard descriptors but generally it follows that level 3 gives access to level 4 which gives access into level 5, then 6 and so forth. Level 5 and higher is considered to be higher or tertiary education offered through universities and universities of technology while level 4 and lower are offered through FET or TVET colleges.


Certification will completed two ways depending on the needs of the student. DB Training will certify the respective National Certificates and register the learners on the National Skills Database while SHEQ ACADEMY will certify the three SHEQO levels as SHEQ ACADEMY branded non accredited courses separately.

DB Training Certification

The National Certificates can be completed individually without the need to vertically articulate, if the expected entry level and prior learning requirements are met.

SHEQ Academy Certification

The three SHEQO levels articulate vertically from SHEQO-1 through SHEQO-2 (or C-SHEQO-2) to SHEQO-3 and must be completed in sequence to be awarded all three and an overarching certificate, SHEQMAN.

SHEQ Academy Virtual Campus

Other courses available though the SHEQAcademy Virtual Campus.